Stained Concrete Patios

Concrete staining is a quick and affordable way to take a drab concrete patio and turn it into an elegant area rich with vibrant color and design. Stained concrete patios allow you to transform your dull concrete into an exciting, colorful surface that helps you to create a truly inviting outdoor living space that complements your home. Don’t let a boring concrete patio keep you from enjoying your outdoor space, a stained concrete patio can revitalize your patio and add value to your home.

Staining is a great option for either existing or new concrete patios. Because concrete stain penetrates deeply into the concrete, your new stained concrete patio will be long lasting, fade resistant, slip resistant and environmentally friendly.

Stained Concrete Patios Ideas

Stained concrete offers a number of possibilities for your patio. From simple and clean, to highly decorative, stained concrete can help you achieve the look that best complements your home and patio. Here are few design ideas for your stained concrete patio:

  • Add custom graphics such as vines or natural elements
  • Create the look of expensive tile
  • Create the look of polished marble
  • Apply several colors of stain to create the look of expensive natural stone
  • Add a stained border to enhance your patio area and help set it apart
  • Create the look of an outdoor rug on your patio

There are an almost endless number of options available to enhance your concrete patio. The design experts at Decorative Concrete of Austin are here to help you find the perfect look for your patio. From a simple pop of color to intricate tile or custom graphics, our team will help you get the look that best enhances your patio.

Stained Concrete Patios Experts

The team members at Decorative Concrete of Austin are your stained concrete patio experts. We have years of experience offering the best quality stained concrete surfaces and the best overall customer service in Central Texas.

If you are interested in learning about the exciting stained concrete design options available for your patio, contact the team at Decorative Concrete of Austin.

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