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Decorative Concrete of Austin is the top local concrete epoxy coating contractor in Austin, Tx with the team to apply this durable and elegant flooring solution in your business or home. Our team has years of experience working with epoxy coating flooring options. Each member of our team is highly experienced and can help you achieve the exact look you want. We use the latest techniques and state of the art equipment in order to give you a beautiful floor that’s meant to last.

Decorative Concrete of Austin delivers expert level craftsmanship, quality materials, and a committed to your total satisfaction. When you partner with Decorative Concrete of Austin for your epoxy coated concrete floors, you are partnering with a professional concrete company dedicated to providing the best possible flooring solution and ensuring you are satisfied.

Long-Lasting, Stylish, Durable Epoxy Coatings For Concrete

Our team of concrete experts can help you pick an epoxy coating color and style and that complements your business or home. Epoxy coated concrete floors can be styled to resemble marble, tile, wood, stone, or simply buffed to a gorgeous shine. The creative team at Decorative Concrete of Austin can help you pick the best color, style, and sheen for your floors. Whether you want your concrete floors to be a stunning centerpiece to a room or offer a warm and cozy vibe, we can help you find the perfect look for all floors in your business or home.

If you’re tired of staring at the same dull, drab floor, you now have the option to turn basic cement into a beautiful flooring option. Whatever flooring material covers your concrete floors you can get rid of that and transition to a new concrete epoxy coating.

Epoxy coatings are a combination of chemicals that mix epoxy resin with a hardener to create a coating or the other option is a one-solution epoxy paint. How either of these will best fit your flooring needs can be determined with the help of the epoxy coating specialists at Decorative Concrete of Austin. Epoxy materials create a durable, versatile, chemical-resistant surface that can be applied to almost any concrete surface.

Why Choose Concrete Epoxy Coatings

When compared to a typical cement floor, concrete epoxy coatings make a room feel brighter with a personal touch of upscale design. This inviting appearance adds a beautiful design element to any room in a business or home. This material provides a new surface that is easy to maintain with minimal cleaning required.

Minimal maintenance adds to the cost-effectiveness of epoxy coatings thanks to a lower cost compared to traditional types of flooring. This creates an affordable option that appeals to business owners and homeowners. Decorative Concrete of Austin helps clients define and maintain costs of concrete epoxy coatings.

Epoxy coated floors are resistant to just about anything they will encounter. Liquids such as water, gasoline, lubricants, or cleansers and even bacteria or germs don’t stick well to these floors. This makes epoxy coatings for concrete a versatile option for most any location from an automotive garage to a medical facility to a restaurant or home kitchen. Along with resistance to liquids, epoxy coatings are heat resistant.

Traditional flooring materials can’t stand the test of time, or wear and tear, like an epoxy coating for concrete. Professional installation from Decorative Concrete of Austin means your epoxy coating lasting several decades with no expectation of cracking or peeling.

Unique Epoxy Floor Options

Epoxy floors offer a variety of options in colors, finishes, and designs that can be applied to concrete surfaces. Decorative Concrete of Austin is a best-rated epoxy flooring company in Austin with years of experience helping you determine the best color combinations and finishes to fit your property. Popular finishes include adding flakes into the coating for an attractive finish. Metallic epoxy floors are another popular and stylish design that come in various colors and add a dramatic look to floors in everything from garages to livening rooms.

At Decorative Concrete of Austin, we are proud to offer stunning epoxy coating concrete floors. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, beautiful, and environmentally friendly way to give your home a fresh new look, then epoxy floors are the perfect choice.

Best Flooring Solution

Our concrete specialists can meet with you to determine the goals of your project, epoxy coating options, and the best flooring solution for you. We will provide free estimates and provide you with a detailed, written estimate for all work planned. We’ll guide you through the entire epoxy coating process.

Epoxy coating concrete flooring allows you to convert your existing concrete floor into a gorgeous addition to your room. Don’t waste money on expensive flooring or labor – let the Decorative Concrete of Austin expert team bring your existing floor to life.

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