Stained Concrete Floors

Everyone expects to feel safe and comfortable when walking across a floor. Worn or damaged flooring material like carpet, tile, or laminate doesn’t give people a feeling of safety or comfort. Exposed, unfinished concrete floors leave people feeling dull and dreary like the look of the floor. Decorative Concrete of Austin is a top-rated concrete flooring company that can transform your floors into inviting, safe, and long-lasting elements of your property.

Our team of skilled and experienced concrete flooring professionals specialize in refinishing and resurfacing interior floors for businesses and homes. Our attention to detail and commitment to delivering quality work on all jobs surpasses any decorative concrete flooring company in Austin, TX.

Decorative concrete floors are an affordable way to customize your floors with concrete staining. This unique flooring option offers endless design possibilities. Concrete staining gives you the option to add subtle hints of color to a room, add bold design elements to set a room apart, or even add a custom graphic such as a family crest to a front entry. This works well for both existing floors and new concrete.

Decorative concrete staining allows you to make use of your existing floor without bringing in additional flooring materials like carpeting. Also, because staining penetrates deeply into the concrete surface, floors are slip resistant, fade resistant, durable, and long-lasting.

Decorative Stained Concrete Floor Ideas

Your imagination expands the possibilities for decorative stained concrete floor ideas. You can install everything from simple to intricate concrete floor design options. Here are a few ideas for your concrete floors:

  • Stained concrete can be used to create a mottled effect like natural marble.
  • Several colors can be layered to create unique color variations and to create depth.
  • Use decorative stencils to create custom graphics and design elements
  • Stained concrete can be used to create the look of wood planks, decorative tiles, or even natural stone.
  • Choose a simple, subtle color to add warmth to a room.

Any indoor concrete surface that is in good shape – has no cracks or holes – can be turned into a custom designed decorative concrete floor. Floors can be stained with one color over the entire surface or get creative with multiple color combinations in stylish designs. Our concrete staining specialists can complete the design you want so your stained concrete floor complements your business or home.

Best Decorative Stained Look

Whether you want a simple enhancement, an alternative to expensive carpeting or tile, or a custom flooring option, we can help you explore the vast number of decorative stained concrete floor possibilities available. Decorative Concrete of Austin will work with you to help you find the best decorative stained concrete look for your home or business floors.

Easy to maintain, affordable concrete floors

Decorative concrete floors don’t require labor-intensive maintenance. Once installed these floors need regular but simple cleaning with basic sweeping and mopping. There is no need for waxing or steam cleaning.

Stained Concrete Floors Experts

The team at Decorative Concrete of Austin installs stained concrete floors with applicable sealer and a finish to protect the floor and enhance any added coloring. Stubborn dirt, chemicals, and water don’t have much, if any, effect on concrete staining. A broom, towel, or wet mop are the essential tools for cleaning your new concrete floor. Harsh cleaning chemicals and commercial equipment just aren’t necessary.

Decorative stained concrete floors don’t trap allergens or germs like other flooring materials so they provide an environmentally friendly option that can save you money.

The initial investment for concrete floor resurfacing is much lower than costs for traditional flooring materials like wood, tile, or carpeting. Cost per square foot for materials and installation of decorative concrete resurfacing is generally much less than other materials. Costs can vary based on customization, but Decorative Concrete of Austin can help you get the most stylish decorative stained concrete at the best price in the market.

Professional decorative concrete services

Decorative Concrete of Austin is the leading decorative stained concrete company and is dedicated to creating custom work for your business or home. Stained floors stand out by adding stylish accents to any room compared to other types of flooring. Staining flows into the pores of concrete to react to the material in such a way that it produces unique color combinations. Our trained and skilled concrete experts can create concrete staining results that closely resemble stone, leather, or wood to complement your exterior or interior design.

Our concrete professionals can provide a complete assessment of your concrete floor resurfacing needs and will provide a detailed estimate of all work. We want to work with you to deliver an affordable concrete floor staining option where we can complete all work as scheduled. If you are interested in learning about the exciting stained concrete design options available for your business or home, contact the team at Decorative Concrete of Austin.

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