Residential Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete of Austin is leading the way with residential decorative concrete resurfacing in Austin, TX to unite elements of a home to make a stylish statement. Our specialized concrete experts provide professional concrete flooring services in a way that sets high marks for decorative concrete coating services.

Over the many years of serving Central Texas with concrete flooring services we’ve noticed how often a home will have well-designed architectural style interior and then drop off to a drab slab of concrete on the back patio, front porch, or onto the driveway. This is a lost opportunity to continue the stylish beauty of your home. Decorative Concrete of Austin can complete and expand your exceptional home design by resurfacing existing concrete with a creative new surface.

Whether you need concrete repair work or stylish concrete coatings – outdoor or interior, our decorative concrete services will cover your needs. Our concrete solutions improve homes by delivering quality decorative concrete products that are easy to maintain and deliver a beautiful addition to your home.

When you add decorative concrete coating to any concrete surface it is transformed from just a strong support element to an elegant home improvement project. Concrete can become a centerpiece of design and style in your home.

Decorative Concrete Adds Value, Style

The benefits of adding a decorative concrete coating provide a solution to resurface existing concrete in a way that improves durability and appearance without breaking the budget. Decorative concrete resurfacing is a home improvement that will last for years while adding value and style to your home.

Decorative concrete coating is one of the fastest-growing home improvement options in the country. No matter if you live in the suburbs or a mansion, you can upgrade your concrete surfaces and maintain your budget. Decorative Concrete of Austin can help with resurfacing a patio, walkway, pool deck, driveway, interior room, garage floor or even horizontal or vertical accents to walls.

Energy Efficient

Added benefits of concrete coating includes improved air quality and energy efficiency within interior rooms. There is no carpeting or other material to trap bacteria or allergens. There’s no question concrete is strong and functional, but now that plain concrete becomes a beautiful new element and adds to the overall appearance of the exterior or interior of your home.

Creative Concrete Professionals

The team at Decorative Concrete of Austin is always excited to see the reaction from clients when they realize how attractive concrete can become when in the hands of creative professionals. Our team of concrete specialists has achieved a high level of mastery with the latest techniques and tools in the craft of finishing concrete flooring. As the best choice for decorative concrete flooring in Austin, we can deliver an exciting new decorative element to your business or home.

Creative Ideas For Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is likely the most durable and strong flooring surface in your home. It is used in everything from the concrete foundation that supports your entire home to the cement in the driveway that handles the demands of vehicles driving on it for years. But concrete does need attention.

Cracking, damaged, or uneven concrete surfaces can become an eyesore as well as a costly issue. Porous concrete can allow water to penetrate into the heart of the surface or allow pests to take up lodging. Decorative Concrete of Austin can apply concrete coatings in a variety of ways to eliminate cracks or damage and level any uneven surfaces. The coating becomes a barrier to pests and water while creative designs and colors give the concrete a new look.

Concrete needs to be more than a safe, functional surface for your home. After using our decorative concrete resurfacing services, homeowners are rediscovering and using areas of concrete surfaces they once avoided. A dingy garage becomes a workshop, a boring patio becomes an entertainment venue, and a driveway becomes a beautiful addition in the neighborhood.

Boring concrete surfaces can be transformed into functional and inviting areas for personal relaxation and entertaining guests. Resurface your concrete patio or add a creative concrete coating design to your driveway to make an impression. Decorative Concrete of Austin can help you find the best combination of concrete coating color and patterns to fit your individual tastes and overall home architecture.

Decorative Concrete of Austin can work with you to design and install a creative, valuable addition to your home by improving your existing concrete.

The professional concrete team members at Decorative Concrete of Austin are your concrete coating experts. We have years of experience offering the best quality concrete resurfacing and the best overall customer service in Austin and Central Texas.

If you are interested in learning about the exciting residential concrete coating options available for your home, contact the team at Decorative Concrete of Austin.

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