Decorative Garage Floors

Decorative Concrete of Austin can turn your fragile and boring garage floor into an enhanced flooring design that becomes a durable and attractive part of your business or home. You can transform your garage floor with our specialized services as the premiere decorative concrete garage floor company in Austin, TX. A beautiful new garage floor from Decorative Concrete of Austin helps your garage floor last longer as an attractive element in your interior design.

Garage floor resurfacing helps this important area of your home or business withstand heavy wear and tear from personal vehicles or the day-to-day activities of an active service garage. The specialized materials used by Decorative Concrete of Austin cover and protect your garage floor from water, chemical, and oil spills and can handle the pounding of vehicles driving in and out regularly. Our team of concrete specialists will help determine the best garage floor resurfacing material for your individualized situation.

Durable And Decorative Garage Floor

Decorative Concrete of Austin has delivered the highest quality garage floor resurfacing for years in the Central Texas. Clients turn to us as the trusted decorative garage floor company in the area. Our goal is to install a new garage floor surface that is beautiful and lasts as long as possible.

Many people go about their daily routine at their business or home without realizing the opportunity that resurfacing a garage floor presents. Garage floors take a beating and the concrete becomes fragile and susceptible to damage over time and continued wear.

Decorative Concrete of Austin specializes in stopping the continued decay of your concrete with decorative and durable resurfacing services. We offer a practical and affordable solution to revive your garage with a new decorative concrete floor.

A new garage floor surface can include durable paint or epoxy materials specifically designed to beautify and protect a concrete floor. Our team of concrete professionals can install a top-rated garage coating that meets your needs. You can get the polished concrete protective coating that keeps your garage floor working at its best. A finished concrete floor solves many issues at an affordable price.

Specialist in Resurfaced Garage Floor

A professionally resurfaced garage floor from Decorative Concrete of Austin can create a stylish and original finish. Garage coatings can include various colors and custom patterns to create a customized look. From adding flakes into the coating to designs that make the floor appear metallic or similar to natural stone, your choices for a new garage coating is almost limitless. Our team of decorative concrete specialists will walk you through the complete process of garage floor resurfacing.

Polished Concrete Garage Floor

A new polished concrete garage floor surface is so inviting you’ll be tempted to walk across it in your bare feet. A decorative garage floor is attractive to customers in a business setting and an enjoyable addition to any home. You don’t have to walk into the garage anymore and suffer from the “blahs.” Decorative Concrete of Austin can help you resurface your garage floor so that you won’t be shy about showing customers around your garage work area and you’ll be proud to show off your favorite car in an attractive setting at home.

High-Quality Garage Floor Resurfacing

Decorative Concrete of Austin only uses professional-grade garage floor coatings. Our team of experienced and skilled concrete specialists does not use DIY materials anyone can buy at the local big-box lumberyard. Our garage coatings are the best-rated materials from the best manufacturers in the business. Our process and quality of concrete coating work is far superior than the average work that competitors may deliver. We have heard too many stories of a DIY project becoming overwhelming to a homeowner or a business that didn’t receive the quality garage resurfacing it expected.

Decorative concrete garage floors don’t require labor-intensive maintenance. A new garage floor coating only requires regular but simple cleaning with basic sweeping and mopping. Tough spills in a commercial garage setting are simpler because the resurfaced garage floor withstands commercial-grade chemicals. There is no need for waxing or steam cleaning on polished concrete in homes.

The team at Decorative Concrete of Austin installs creative stained concrete floors with applicable sealer and a finish to protect the garage floor and enhance any added coloring. Stubborn dirt, chemicals, and water don’t have much, if any, effect on concrete staining. A broom, towel, or wet mop are the essential tools for cleaning your new garage floor. Harsh cleaning chemicals and commercial equipment just aren’t necessary.

Decorative stained concrete garage floors don’t trap allergens or germs like other flooring materials so they provide an environmentally friendly option that can save you money.

The initial investment for concrete garage floor resurfacing is more affordable than most people expect. Cost per square foot for materials and installation of decorative concrete garage floor resurfacing is designed to fit most any budget. Costs can vary based on customization, but Decorative Concrete of Austin can help you get the most stylish decorative stained concrete garage floor at the best price in the market.

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