Stained Concrete Patios

Decorative Concrete of Austin specializes in professional concrete patio floor coating in Austin, Tx and for homeowners in Central Texas. Our team of concrete specialists can help you design the perfect custom patio coating to resurface your concrete for an innovative flooring finish.

Homeowners don’t want guests to see a drab, boring concrete patio, but instead want an attractive concrete patio finish that is inviting for all occasions. From entertaining at a backyard barbecue to relaxing with a cup of coffee overlooking the yard, a new patio coating can change the atmosphere of your home environment. Decorative Concrete of Austin is the premiere concrete patio coating company in Austin. Our team of professional concrete experts can deliver a variety of customized patio floor coatings built to last for years. We are a trusted choice for residential floor systems offering durable concrete patio coating services that are proudly displayed in yards throughout the area.

Beautiful New Concrete Patio Floor Coating

Decorative Concrete of Austin has worked hard for many years to develop a reputation as a leader in patio resurfacing. We can install a durable, beautiful new concrete patio floor coating that will simply amaze your guests and hold up to weather and wear in the Central Texas climate. The hot-then-cold-then-really hot weather here is no match for our innovative patio coating materials that keep your patio looking stylish and new for many years.

There are many benefits to resurfacing your concrete patio:

  • Many amazing and customizable colors and designs
  • Slip-resistant texture options to improve safety
  • Affordable pricing for any home improvement budget
  • Maximum protection with coatings that resist damage and stains
  • Installation from professional concrete experts

Staining is a great option for either an existing or a new concrete patio. Because concrete stain penetrates deeply into the concrete, your new stained concrete patio will be long-lasting, fade-resistant, slip-resistant, and environmentally friendly.

Our team will work with you to design, schedule, and install your patio resurfacing within a convenient time frame. We work quickly without sacrificing quality and have options for one-day installation (depends on extent of work required).

We want to make sure you are satisfied with all our services, so we provide a free assessment of all work expected and provide you with a detailed, no-hassle estimate for the cost of concrete patio resurfacing. We don’t want to leave any questions unanswered so we can make sure we deliver all work on time and as expected.

Decorative Concrete of Austin is the first choice for best-rated concrete patio coating service. We work every day to add beauty and enhanced functionality to our customers’ outdoor concrete patio environments. Our knowledgeable and friendly team of concrete specialists can get you started.

Stained Concrete Patios Ideas

Patio decorative concrete staining is a quick and affordable way to take a drab slab of concrete and turn it into an elegant area rich with vibrant color and design. Stained concrete patios allow you to transform your dull concrete into an exciting, colorful surface that helps you create a truly inviting outdoor living space that complements your home. Don’t let a boring concrete patio keep you from enjoying your outdoor space or entertaining guests. A stained concrete patio can revitalize your patio and add value to your home.

Stained concrete offers many possibilities for your patio. From simple and clean, to highly decorative, stained concrete can help you achieve the look that best complements your home and patio. Here are few design ideas for your stained concrete patio:

  • Add custom graphics such as vines or natural elements

  • Add a stained border to enhance your patio area and help set it apart

  • Create the look of polished marble

  • Apply several colors of stain to create the look of expensive natural stone

  • Create the look of an outdoor rug on your patio

  • Create the look of expensive tile

There are an almost endless number of options available to enhance your concrete patio. The design experts at Decorative Concrete of Austin are here to help you find the perfect look for your patio. From a simple “snap” of color to intricate tile and stone designs or custom graphics, our team will help you get the look that best enhances your patio.

Stained Concrete Patios Experts

The professional concrete team members at Decorative Concrete of Austin are your stained concrete patio experts. We have years of experience offering the best quality stained concrete surfaces and the best overall customer service in Austin and Central Texas.
If you are interested in learning about the exciting stained concrete design options available for your patio, contact the team at Decorative Concrete of Austin.

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