Commercial Polished Concrete

Decorative Concrete of Austin understands that responsible business owners want to create a safe and functional work and guest environment that provides working solutions and protection for employees and customers. We are the top-rated concrete flooring company that can provide the durable, safe, and stylish commercial concrete flooring for your business.

Year after year Decorative Concrete of Austin has been the best choice for commercial concrete floor coating in Austin, Tx and the surrounding area. Our team of professional concrete flooring specialists will work with you to design and install the beautiful new concrete floor resurfacing solution for your business.

Whether you need concrete restoration work or stylish concrete coatings – outdoor or interior, our decorative concrete services will get you covered. Our options improve commercial properties by delivering quality decorative concrete products that are easier to maintain and deliver a beautiful addition to your business.

Strong, Long-Lasting Concrete Floors

From elegant retail floor coating to industrial floor requirements, Decorative Concrete of Austin flooring solutions are designed to handle the wear and tear from any commercial flooring application. Our team works with business owners to design and build custom products to meet the needs of individual commercial environments.

Our team of concrete specialists knows the importance of having a clean, safe, and functional floor in a commercial location. An innovative commercial concrete floor coating from Decorative Concrete of Austin delivers all these important requirements while also adding a bright and enjoyable appearance. We can resurface a floor with skid- and slip-resistant textures that provide a safer work experience for staff and customers. Added comfort and safety can help your business save time and money with employees and customers.

The goal of our commercial flooring solutions is to increase your business work efficiency without putting too much of a dent in your budget. We understand that most commercial floors need to withstand the high-impact workload of your business. A commercial floor coating can provide the durability and quality you expect in all aspects of your business. Our team wants to deliver a lifetime of value with your new commercial floor coating.

Impressive Commercial Floor Coating

Decorative Concrete of Austin has an impressive selection commercial floor coating options that can be customized to the specialized needs of your business. Our exceptional flooring benefits include:

  • Applying anti-slip coating gives a floor traction that helps avoid slips and falls
  • There’s always another spill on a commercial floor and concrete coatings offer low-maintenance solutions to make cleanup simple
  • Our commercial floor coatings can handle chemical spills, hard impacts, and extreme wear and tear
  • Time is money in any business, and we get in to do our work and complete jobs on schedule and within budget
  • We have knowledgeable and experienced professional concrete installers to deliver the superior customer service and quality results for your business
  • You can choose floor coatings in standard colors or work with our designers to develop custom colors that match your business interior design, brand, and architecture

Our team at Decorative Concrete of Austin will work with you to create the best concrete flooring solution for your business. Buy choosing our team to provide your new concrete floor coating, you’ll know you selected the premiere concrete flooring contractor in Austin.

Stained Concrete Experts Add Value

Business owners can take advantage of the possibilities of decorative concrete resurfacing. Concrete surfaces can become more than just a concrete floor or a slab of pavement. Creative concrete coating allows businesses to express a specific environment, logo, or branding. Concrete can move from a drab slab to a statement of character and style. Decorative Concrete of Austin is the first choice for professional concrete coating services to improve concrete surfaces with affordable options.

Any way a business owner can attract attention to gain customers will provide value to the overall operation. Concrete resurfacing solutions like a polished concrete showroom or an inviting entryway help your business stand out from the competition. Concrete turns from an everyday necessity to an enhanced customer attraction to help build the brand of any business from a hair salon to a restaurant to an office complex.

There’s no need to maintain old, gray concrete when a professional concrete coating design can make a first impression that sticks in the mind of a customer. Decorative Concrete of Austin can work with you to design and install a creative, valuable addition to your business by improving the concrete you already have in use.

The professional concrete team members at Decorative Concrete of Austin are your concrete coating experts. We have years of experience offering the best quality concrete resurfacing and the best overall customer service in Austin and Central Texas.

If you are interested in learning about the exciting commercial concrete coating options available for your business, contact the team at Decorative Concrete of Austin.

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