Stamped Concrete

At Decorative Concrete of Austin, we work with stamped concrete on many building and design projects to create stunning custom effects.  Our team is well-versed in the use of this versatile material, and it’s a favorite among designers, architects, builders and homeowners alike.

Adaptable, Sustainable, Versatile

Also known as imprinted or patterned concrete, the material is often used to enhance building and outdoor elements such as decks, patios, swimming pools, driveways, entryways, garden walkways and courtyards, just to name a few. Stamped concrete can be designed to mimic the look of virtually any other building material – stone, slate, tile, brick and even hardwood – making it an easy choice for a designer hoping to match or complement an existing material in the space.

A Smart Choice

Because so many different patterns, colors and other choices are available, stamped concrete is the smart choice for many design and/or building projects. Whatever design elements might already exist in the building, stamped concrete can mimic them to create a much more economical (but still very authentic) look.

The strength of concrete combined with the beauty of a custom look is a big selling point for many customers – but its sustainability and affordability are big bonuses.

The Best of the Best

At Decorative Concrete of Austin, we choose all of our materials based on their quality, opting only for the finest in pigments, sealants and adhesives on the market. Our coloring method soaks the slab all the way through, creating a complete color that will last longer and look more consistent. Our sealants add further protection from the harmful fading effects of UV rays. This is a quality product from a quality company – here, you will never get anything but the best.

Time to Get Going

Whatever the size or type of your project, the professional team at Decorative Concrete of Austin can help you finish it to spectacular results. We’ll spend time getting to know you and your space, create a plan that works within your time-frame and budget, and deliver an end result that you will absolutely love.

Proud of What We Do

With a long history and a strong portfolio of stamped concrete projects, we can back up our claims with solid evidence. Past clients sing our praises, and often jump at the chance to work with us again – and for us, that’s the best possible compliment.

Give us a call today to find out more about the work we’ve done in the past, and the work we can do in the future – for YOU.